Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Spacy Family Tree

I thought it might be fun to add some close ups of each family member and share some best/worst moments and some random trivia along the way.

Paloe Spacy.
Founder of the Apocalypse Challenge.
Lifted- Natural Science/Hopelessness

The only heartstopping moment I had with Paloe was when a chance card came up at level 8 of his career and he lost a couple of skill points.

Paloe had many great moments, I enjoyed watching him autonomously washing the windows and once he'd married Lucy there were so many Serenades I thought I was in a musical.

Random Trivia- Paloe Spacy is an anagram of Apocalypse.

Lucy Hurt.
married Paloe Spacy.
A Family Sim with a LifeTime Want to marry off 6 kids.
Lifted- Law Enforcement

Lucy was quite the devil as an Elder after Paloe died- I was often having to stop her flirting with her son-in-law Sheldon who'd been her best friend for ages.

My two best moments were when Lucy told Paloe she was 'A Captain Hero', and achieving her LTW- a first for me in that area.

Simon Spacy

Simon made our day when he came through and got to be a General.
It was more for Steve's benefit, but the ability to be able to send Sims to college appealed to me greatly as it shortened the teen life stage.
Something I didn't take the best advantage of early on.

Steve Spacy.
Lifted-Slacker/Alien Technology

Steve was very hard to keep happy as a Teen, aspiration wise. As a Fortune Sim he spun wants that I could not satisfy.
The best moment Steve gave us was being abducted by Aliens during week 5.
This made the rest of the challenge a lot easier as I energized everybody, constantly.

Soren Spacy

Soren was the least pretty of the Spacy boys.
I think his nose really did come from Lucy, she was terribly ugly as an Elder.
Thanks to Simaholic for pointing that out!

Soren was the first to achieve a 'double' of reaching the top of a career and fulfilling a Life Time Want at the same time.

Nickname- Beaky

Sadie and Sarah Spacy- my Identical Twins.
Sadie lifted Show Business. Sarah lifted Politics.

Sadie and Sarah were so hard to tell apart during their college years.
At times I almost made Sadie kiss Sarah's boyfriend and vice versa.

Sadie's one downside was that she was too playful to meditate and that made things a little harder to sustain a good enough mood for promotions before she got Perma Plat.

Seth Spacy
Lifted- Criminal

Seth is practically a clone of his brothers Simon and Steve.
Seth's worst moment was getting fired from his teen job.

Our best moment was Seth lifting Criminal.
Having to sell and buy back everything each week was a major pain.

Suzette Spacy
Lifted- Medical

Suzette became our second 'double'- top of career and LTW in one go.

Her worst moment was in college when that darned Cow Mascot came on to her Professor boyfriend.
For several days after the Cow stole Suzette's newspaper and kicked over her trash.
Suzette did slap the Cow around a bit at the time I guess.
I was quite shocked when I saw that the cow was male and not female as I'd considered Avri to be a feminine name.

Sheldon Shaikh.
Married Sadie Spacy.

Sheldon spent almost his whole life telling Dirty Jokes.
Best friend of Lucy at the time, I wasted no time in lining him up as a possible spouse once I found out he was a Hall of Famer.

Saffron Spacy and twin Sonny Spacy.
Saffron lifted Culinary, while Sonny lifted Business.

Saffron is kind of 'fish-lippy'.
and Sonny didn't get the best in looks.
He was however the only of Sadie and Sheldon's children to get his Grandfather Paloe's custom eyes.
It's kind of cool that he kept his HP glasses tho', as they aren't available to adults.
I almost made Saffron a Knowledge Teen as when she transitioned she had just 5 skills left to get to max out.
But I made her Popularity 'cos I thought it'd be a nice change.

Sapphire Spacy
Lifted- Artist

I probably had the most fun playing Sapphire when I found out that her LTW was to woohoo 20 different Sims.
The best I've managed through college before is 10, so I was really pleased to get 20.
Sapphire used lots of smart glasses with her last few Sims- the first 15 were pretty easy as they were all friends and having dates made the relationships go up really quickly.

I laughed so hard at Sapphire's sexy wiggle every time she went to flirt with someone.

Sindy Spacy

Sindy didn't get much of a look in as I was so busy playing Sapphire and her Romance wants.
She did escape to the Secret Society a few times and made lots of new friends.
Once Sapphire had left college the 'phone rang constantly with a 'Sapphire's not here at the moment you say' type message and I sold the 'phone 'cos it drove me crazy and Sindy had her own cellphone anyway.

This blog was in order of birth, rather than order of restrictions lifted.
Here's that list;

Natural Science/Hopelessness
Law Enforcement
Alien Technology

Having Snapdragons in and around the house helped the Sims moods an awful lot. I wouldn't say it was an unfair advantage as anyone who has OFB can and probably would use them.

Lifting Alien Technology was, for me one of the best Highs. To have smart milk, thinking caps and energizers helped so much with skilling and general mood.

I tended to concentrate on the skills the Sims would need for a particular career during childhood.

The worst part was not being able to send my Sim kids to Private School.
I used lots of 'play red hands' after school to get their fun metres back up.
The very worst part was the Criminal Restriction.

I had several strange glitches.
In the college house often times a Sim would be on the 'phone to a friend and next minute that friend would appear in the house next to the person on the 'phone.
Not having birthday cakes caused major headaches when Babies were becoming toddlers. Several times I had to wait over 24 hours for the interaction to 'help so-and-so with birthday ' to come back after the first attempt failed.
This was especially true when the Twins were transitioning, as they both chose their Mother to 'help with birthday'.
It was fun mostly and certainly very challenging!
To anyone attempting this challenge,
Good Luck!


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