Friday, October 13, 2006

Six Weddings and No Funeral

Before we begin this chapter let's take a recap of the restrictions lifted so far;

Natural Science/Hopelessness,
Law Enforcement,
Alien Technology,
Science and
Criminal Mastermind.

Last time, Simon, Soren and Seth had moved out leaving Lucy and little Suzette at home awaiting the arrival of the remaining three children,

Steve transitioned into PJ's... what else?

Sarah left the college home in a suit- the sign of things to come perhaps?

While Sadie opted for the 'not-quite-wanting-to-be-a-grown-up' look.

*I should add a note here that I made an error last chapter reporting that Sadie had acheived her LTW by maxing her skills. This was wrong- her LTW is actually to be a Mad Scientist*.

Tut... can't get everything right.

Once home Sadie wasted no time in asking Sheldon over and announcing her love for him. I hope this isn't a sign that Sadie has taken over as chief pyjama wearer of the family... still- quite snazzy jammies.

haha! It's a pyjama party as Suzette turns teen! I think Sadie got the best choice of pj's myself.
Suzette turns out cuter than we imagined and became a Knowledge Sim.

At this point Steve is in the Slacker field, Sarah Politics and Sadie Showbiz. While their jobs came up on the pc upon their arrival home (friday/saturday), none of them were scheduled to work until the following Monday/Tuesday.

So Sadie passed the time by marrying Sheldon.
Sheldon was already a Hall of Famer, instantly lifting the Athletics restriction. He's a Family Sim with a LTW to marry off 6 kids.

Monday came along and Sadie's first shift in Showbiz brought her a promotion!

Thankfully her Drama degree started her at level 9 anyway, so it was a case of keeping her in a good mood, and her new husband was happy to help in that department. ;p


Sadie headed down to the new and glamorous superstore to purchase a whole ton of clothes for her family.

Sadie got a new dress, then headed off to the mirror for a new look,

Much better!

On Tuesday, we got a double bonus,

Sarah lifted the Political restriction which means we no longer have to live in a box!

Steve became a Professional Party Guest.
No more chance cards, unless we're feeling brave/stupid,
and no having to time babies with jobs.

Before Sarah and Steve move out and on with their own lives they too get makeovers,

It's very hard to tell Sadie and Sarah apart, they truly are as near identical as I've ever seen. Sarah ditches the suit for a stylish, sparkly look.

and Steve looks super cool (and pj-less) while a pregnant Sadie waves him goodbye.

Don't you just love how Family Sims waste an hour of their time every day after work?! I decided to keep Sheldon in his job for now. It got him out of the way while we did some remodelling.

Here's the new Spacy home. The right hand side is the original building, we extended out to the side and now have a huge basement/gym/career reward and bedroom underground, a living room, large kitchen/diner and upstairs 3 large bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Lucy is forever dozing off on the new settee. But she can't stay still for long, look what's happening upstairs!

Everyone panics when Sadie goes into labour...
but then wander off to look at useless things like a new chair I just bought, or to stargaze...
come back! you're needed!

It seems fairly fitting that a Twin should have Twins don't you think?!
This time it's a boy and girl, we call them Sonny and Saffron.

Lucy's not really old yet but if you remember her LTW is to Marry off 6 kids and as I've never done that before in my game (shock, horror) I thought it might be fun.
Sadie is already married of course, and there was no big ceremony, so now we break from the Spacy household to celebrate and party!

Simon was the first to leave the household after lifting his restriction. He met and instantly loved Viola, whom he brought home from work. The family gather and the party rocked!

After the honeymoon the happy couple reminisce about the party.

Ah- Soren... the 3rd born, but second to leave the house.
Who remembers Beaky?!
For some reason he was highly attracted to the not-nice-at-all Brandi Le Tourneau, and after about 3 sets of 'smart glasses', found she liked him too!

Another rockin' party. Soren and Brandi decided to break from the norm and wear Fur coats.

Steve gets ready to marry his college sweetheart, Diane (yes, I remembered her name)
*cough- ok, my notes did*.

It was another great party, but note to self to get Wanda Tinker a new look and a workout bench!

everybody say 'awwwwwwwwww'.

Sarah goes for gold as she too marries her college sweetheart, Trent.
Sadie is front row to cheer her sister, with mum Lucy, teen sis Suzette and brother Steve in the background.

The honeymoon awaits!

Seth's wedding, remember who he had his first kiss with?

yep- it's Sophie Miguel! Cleans up nicely doesn't she? I think Green is her colour.
I added Sophie to college then had her drop out in order to marry Seth.

Seth's wedding makes six,

and was a real family reunion. Lucy, Sadie, Sarah, Soren, Suzette, Steve and Simon were all here! ... and some random guy in sunglasses- we don't know who he is.

Lucy got her memory marker at Seth's wedding and is now a real Town Mother.

Back at home and Suzette's turn has come to go to College. The twins are growing fast, Toddler Sapphire is in the background and Sadie is expecting once more.

Suzette fell in love with her Professor, which helped her grades enormously every semester! She was quite the party animal and hosted a party at least once a term,

Life was not without it's ups and downs, and Suzette got her heart broken when the Cow Mascot flirted with her love.

She made lots of new friends after her initiation into the Secret Society.

Graduation came around and Suzette finished college with a 4.0 GPA in Biology.

I didn't think her new look was that bad, but she found it hysterical.

...before long...

Suzette, the 7th and final child of Paloe and Lucy Spacy lifted her restriction.

It seemed only fitting that she should get to enjoy the first bubble bath.

But it was off to pastures new for Suzette, she snuck off into the night.

and married the now forgiven Professor Jason.
Another family reunion.

The baby of the original family truly grows up.

While the last baby of the Spacy Dynasty is born. Little Sindy is the apple of her Grandma's eye.

The twins become children and Sadie's family is complete. It's just a question of growing them all up now!

Sheldon took a chance card (think brave/stupid) and got fired.
Have you ever seen a Sim who got fired celebrate before?!

.... weird family sims....

This is where we leave the Spacy saga for now.

Next time,
Watch as the new family four grow onwards and upwards,
Will Sadie become a Mad Scientist?
Will Sheldon realise he's been fired?
and will Lucy live forever?


ASimWen said...

Woo-Hoo love all the weddings. Hey I liked playing Brandi LeTorneau. She married one of the founders in my Prosperity. lolol I like the Family Sim as well....He-Who-Wants-To-Marry-Off-Six-kids. lol Yeah, I have seen where they cheer losing their jobs. Stupid Family Sims. Great read!

tktrn99 said...

Great job! Whew, how do you keep track of everyone? I can tell you've put a lot of thought into the strategy of this and you tell a good story, as well! Looking forward to more!!

QueenofSimtopia said...

Great job! You are so far and are doing so well. Congrats!