Sunday, October 08, 2006

Making Their Mark

The new college home for Steve, Sadie and Sarah.
Very basic to keep the costs of selling and buying back each week. Upstairs houses 3 single beds.

Steve grew up badly into a Young Adult. If you remember his aspiration was very poor and he only just made it to college thanks to his brother Simon reaching the top of Military.

So we got our first 'grew up badly' memory...
life goes on

Sadie had no such problems and very quickly gained creativity to max her skills and achieve her Life Time Want.

Sarah and Steve become best friends and groom each other. Hygiene seems to drop very quickly here in college and no-one *cough- me* thought to bag a Snapdragon to bring with them to the house.
Steve got cool 'Glamour' PJ's though, which is a bonus.

The Freshman Year flew by and Steve didn't change out of his PJ's once.
The trio spent the year skilling up for the professions I have planned for them and making some friends.

Meanwhile back at the ranch and the 'hood is slowly starting to come to life. A new community centre has opened up, and behind it you can see Simon's new house. It's nice for the family to be close together.

Seth has a real complex about his spots, while Soren is, like us, praying that he grows up well- after all he's not going to college.
Take a look at the 'rents in the background-

*whew*. Soren seems happy and gets promoted to level 6 of the Science track, Inventor. Lucy leaps into the air in shock.

Holy Huge Noses! Where in Apocalypse Hell did that come from?

'It wasn't me'

'Well it sure wasn't me!'... 'honey- we need to talk'....

'Not now Paloe, I'm too busy giving birth- come and welcome our 7th child into the world'.
A third daughter, Suzette.

The 'nose' issue seems to have gone and Paloe is back to his mushy old self.
We decided that Suzette will be the last child for Paloe and Lucy and from now on will let Lucy age unattended by elixir.

I think a new generation of kids would be fun. (haha).

'oh my, don't take my pic- I have zits... wait!'

'ok.. covered them up- I'm ready for my photoshoot now'.

If you remember Seth was fired from the Business track, and now he's hit the top of medical we've decided to switch him again before he turns adult.
Medical was high on my list but I just can't stand the Criminal Restriction of selling everything each week and so I put Seth into the Criminal career.
He's a Family Sim and shouldn't be too bothered about missing out on college, and if he is,

Soren moves up the Science track but even the paperboy cannot stop staring at that huge beak.

Meantime back in college,

Steve loves to recount his alien adventure with anyone who will listen.

'There was this flash see,
and a dazzling light beam,
I was sucked up, spinning and turning
then I felt a great pain in my....'

'Yes! thanks Steve, too much information!'

Their Sophomore Year passed by without too much excitement-
It will improve ;)

*sigh* why am I surprised?

Another reason to end Lucy's childbearing years I think... Suzette grew up well, if slightly deformed.

In better news...

Double Prizes for Soren!
Go Beaky!!

Paloe marvelled at the Scientificness of Science. A Tv! Lights!
No more fumbling around in the dark ages for you Mister.

Soren's work here is done and with his new found Perma-Plat he leaves the Spacy shack to find pastures new.
*or in a new house, right next door to his brother Simon*.

'Oh goodie Jello- what a change'.

Sadie befriends Sheldon- he was her mother Lucy's best friend and also happens to be top of a career.
I don't think so... ;)
we've found our new go-forth-and-multiply- couple!

Sarah too gets friendly with a random guy, whose name escapes me right now.

When she's not chatting up her new friend Sarah is busy cleaning everything.

Perhaps she could come and clean my keyboard.

With Science lifted the College kids go to Campus and splash out on much needed fun.
Sadie and Sarah buy MP3's while the ever-pj-clad Steve gets himself a cellphone.
He chats for ages with his brother Seth at home, who is about to become an adult and seriously needs aspiration points to grow up well.

Steve advises a first kiss for a great boost...
So for all the squeamish out there...
look away now.

phraww Sophie, my tracksuited-knottyhaired-best friend- how about some aspiration points?

Lame... very very lame

But hey! It worked!
Seth grew up well and got promoted to level 3 of Criminal, Bookie.

He really needed creativity, so I locked him in the basement until he'd maxed out.
As you can see, he truly 'maxed out'.

Lucy joined Paloe in wrinklyhood. What is it with these darn tracksuits?!
For random trivialness, we're now into Week 8.
Paloe's days are numbered we fear.

Eventually and after what seemed like forever...

Seth makes it to top and we will never again have to pay the mob!

Back to college....

Poor Steve gets rejected for his first kiss...

He cried for days,
and days...

But finally struck lucky after his sisters Groomed him to death.

Now he keeps himself preened and it was enough to impress this girl and she agrees to his engagement proposal.
Really I must remember these kids' names!

Sadly during their Junior Year the kids got the news that Paloe passed away peacefully down by the beach.
*whistles- nothing to do with the fact that he was meditating down by that corner of the lot- honest*.

Paloe was 83 days old.
His Insurance extended to 14 people.

*aww.. sob- bye Paloe, you mushy old Serenader*.

Sarah got over the loss of her father by having her own first kiss,
and engagement.
*Still can't remember this dude's name!*

Back at home and Seth decides it's time to move on.
Cya cowboy.

My God Lucy has got Ugly as an Elder...
just shows- you never can tell.

Anyway! her and Suzette snuggle up on the couch, It's now just the two of them in the house and they await the graduation and arrival home of the three college kids.

Will they make it?
Find out next time.


tktrn99 said...

Another great update!! You're getting lots of restrictions lifted! That could you NOT stare at it?? Goodbye Pao..we'll miss your mushyness!!

Bubbs said...

Where are those noses from? I can't wait to see what happens next. :)

ASimWen said...


"Soren moves up the Science track but even the paperboy cannot stop staring at that huge beak."

That was my LOL for the evening! hehehe

Simaholic said...

I bet Soren's beak came from Lucy. Look at how she looks as an elder! Sometimes the female sims have scary noses but they aren't as pronounced because their femaleness tends to soften their features.