Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fast Love and Goodbye Jello

The Spacy family move through the Apocalypse Challenge,
with 4 restrictions left to unlock.

Sapphire celebrates her childhood birthday

and Sadie immediately takes her to the basement for multi-career reward training.

Sheldon took his job back in Athletics, as the rest of his skills suck!

Saffron turns geeky Teen

as does her twin Sonny.
They go straight to college.

Lucy keeps appearing in the college house.
I guess she wants to keep an eye on her Grandchildren!

Back home and Sindy's birthday is here already.

Sadie achieved her LTW when she became a Mad Scientist.
The night shifts suit her while the children grow up.
Sadie's staying eternally young with elixir-
I haven't the heart to turn this beauty into an Elder.


Lucy sneaks down and tucks the children in, she's such a good Grandma.

Sheldon hits the top again,
and never stops celebrating.

He breaks away to watch Sapphire become a teen.
She's going down the Romance path and heads straight to college.

That fateful day has come for Lucy.
On a Saturday of week 11 Grimmy and the Hulas show up for Lucy's final farewell.

The other sims in the house must be gutted,
where are they?

Sindy at least is distraught, perhaps it will hit home to Sadie and Sheldon soon.

Or not...

Lucy left a large Inheritance to be sure.
Her Moniker of Town Mother couldn't be more apt,
she truly was this Town's Mother
in every sense of the word.
Lucy left us at 83 days old.

Back in college and it's the Grandchildren's turn to stand up and be counted now.
Sapphire's LTW is to woohoo 20 different Sims,

heh- this could make college really fun.

Her first kiss comes with Christian.

Sonny meanwhile is content to spend time alone with his diary.

While his popularity twin Saffron is wanting to join a Greek House.
she can't though-

Back home and Sindy enters Teenhood.
She announces to her parents that she's going straight to college,
they wave her goodbye and ponder about how quiet the house will be now that they are alone.


I wonder if that hurt Sheldon's head?

Sindy congratulates her sister on becoming Big Woman on Campus.
She wonders where her other sister is...

Sapphire has a busy day planned....
Professor Clay becomes her first Woohoo experience,
and it's not a bad boost for her grade either.

As soon as he leaves,

Keith comes over for a spot of woohoo.

when he leaves,

Christian is third on Sapphire's list of loves.

He's barely got through the door and Sapphire is on the 'phone to number 4,

the 'blue' llama guy, Alvin.

I can't decide if he looks better in the suit!

when he leaves,

the 'black' llama guy comes over,

I'm not sure which part of this picture disturbs me most.

whew- it's good to know that there are real guys under those suits, this was Bill.

"But really Sapphire- 5 guys in one day"?
'Hey, I read somewhere that 5 portions a day are good for you!'.

"um, yeah, I think that's fruit and vegetables..."

Sonny stops to inhale the sweet smelling Snapdragon that was strategically placed into his inventory before he came to college.
His nose isn't quite up to his Uncle Beaky's standard, but it's a contender!

The girls marvel in the miracle of the cell phone.

What is it with the kids these days?
They just can't take the pace.

Not to be outdone by his younger sister and her bedroom activities,
Sonny has some fun of his own when he meets and shares a kiss, and later more... with Kendal.

Talking of his sister's bedroom activities,

Roger becomes woohoo number 6.

Saffron too is feeling the pressure and during one of her parties plants
a smacker on Ted Hanby.
They woohoo later, and Ted then preceeded to get out of bed and do an assignment.

These kids sure know how to party!

Sapphire our brazen hussy doesn't care that she's upset Bill.

we care,
we spent the next week picking up the trash can.

Grayson is number 7 on the list!

followed by Darren.
Sapphire wasn't up to 5 a day today, and had to stop to wish her siblings well,

Graduation for Saffron!
She's looking forward to going home-
after all, she's been sleeping in the bedroom next to Sapphire.

Saffron gets a GPA 4.0 and an Art Degree.

Sonny too graduates with a 4.0 and an Ecomonics degree.

but Maxis- what were you thinking?!

Back home and Sadie decided to switch careers to the Medical field.
She brought home an illness of her own and Sheldon keeps her company while she rests.

It took 6 hours for her to be well again- a record for me!

It's a Tuesday when the Twins arrive home.
Sonny found a job in Business but doesn't start until Thursday.
Saffron found a job in Culinary on Wednesday, and also starts on Thursday.

Both start at level 9.

Saffron comes through and never again will the family have to look at Jello!

Enter the oven-
well, not literally- I mean you don't want to put your head in it or anything.

Sonny too hits the top and lifts the Business Restriction.
The house gets shifted of all the junk that's been hanging around that we can finally sell,

Enter Remington.

comprehend that as you wish.
*whistles innocently*

Saffron's job here is done and she's off to her own place.

Sonny too, after he'd switched to Criminal and achieved his LTW to reach the top.

Which leaves Sadie and Sheldon at home alone again.
Sadie has cooked just about everything in one day,
she's not even been hungry,
I'm sure the novelty will wear off.

Join us next time,
Will Sapphire woohoo her way through 20 sims?
Will she actually do any work at college?
Will there be any Sims in college left for Sindy to fall in love with?
and will the last 2 restrictions be lifted?


tktrn99 said...

Another fabulous update! I am really impressed at the ease of which you've gotten so many restrictions lifted ...and kept track of all the kids!! Woohoo with 20, huh? Good luck with that one!!

ASimWen said...

Love the update! As always. Good job. I like the Woo-Hoo with 20, it is fun and challenging.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Lots of woohoos. you have almost finished! Congrats... I still need to get my founder out of college...