Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Apocalypse- Getting Started

Meet Paloe Spacy. Highly Neat, Highly Active and Highly yummy... ;) With his custom baby blues and elfin ears who could resist this charming Young Adult?

Paloe is to be the Founder of the Apocalypse Challenge. A highly dangerous, seriously confusing challenge in which the goal is to unlock restrictions imposed upon Simkind via reaching the top of career paths....

But I'm getting ahead of myself... none of this applies to Paloe while in College... so it's party time!

Of course Paloe needs to look to the future and find himself a partner, who is pretty, fun and... top of a career already if possible.
But I'm not that mean... I let him scope the room and Lucy Hurt here is the 'scope' of his dreams, a two-bolt attraction which is good enough for me, I mean Paloe. Lucy made our day when she divulged that she was Captain Hero.

It wasn't all fun fun fun for Paloe... well actually most of the time it was, but he spent some time skilling up so that he could reach the top of his chosen career path when he graduates. He'd made lots of friends in his dorm and so used his influence to have the dormies do all his work... Idiot? I think not.
By Sophomore Year he'd gotten a gold star... I mean badge in Floristry and had already made a Snapdragon- it came in handy while he spent hours and hours writing his novels. He sold two while in College but it cut into his party time too much. He had 3 groups of friends he regularly went on Outings with and had bagged himself some very nice party favours indeed for his superior hosting.

On his 2nd date with Lucy he'd fallen in love,


woohooed in Public,

gotten a serious 'Crumplebashing',

and received a very nice top-of-the-range TV! What a 2nd date that was.

He spent the last semester finishing up his skills and then,

Graduation Baby! *please give us a nice outfit, I have to look at this forever*.

Ok... not bad.... not great, but not bad... I can live with it. One last party and off to a new home.
Paloe... "I'd like a nice place with a swimming pool for parties, bbq, stereo and all-you-can-always-eat buffet table"...

Yes... it's important to have a dream isn't it?

So here's Paloe at his new place. Before I give you the tour *guffaws* I'll tell you about Paloe.
He's a Knowledge Sim with a LTW to max his skills. (did that in college). Perma Plat should help some here. He graduated with a GPA 4.0 in Biology (how? we don't know- he literally partied his way through college) and left his dorm with 31,020 Simoleons, a diploma, energizer and carton of smart milk in his inventory. He had around 18 dates with Lucy in college and almost as many Outings with his friends- I told you he did nothing else. ;)

I seemed to have forgotten his star sign, *stupid notes* but he's 8 Neat, 5 Outgoing, 7 Active, 0 Serious and 5 Nice. His Aim is to become an Ecological Guru 'cos we know he's going to look so hot in that Fig Leaf.
Anyway.. on to Paloe's home... land...

Paloe "where's the pool? where's the bar? where's the house?!!"
All in good time my friend. Isn't this a great sea view though? shame the water pipes got blasted away in the apocalypse, but hey, there's a telephone pole!
Paloe mumbled something in Simlish that we just couldn't interpret.... .

For architectural geniuses... look away now- this will be painful.

*poof*... just like Magic.
Paloe seems to be muttering in illegible Simlish and we just don't understand why.
An 8x8 plot only is allowed. We didn't make it a complete square... LOL. So on to the tour...

Basement, ground floor with small deck and first floor.

Paloe doesn't seem impressed and immediately headed to a window to wash it.

Paloe had no luck finding Natural Science so instead took a job in Paranormal. His first few days were dull as dishwater and he meditated,

preened, (no Paloe, there's no Jello on your teeth)

and made paper planes. Well there wasn't much to do around here for fun. He had to turn down endless offers of Outings from his College buddies who I fear will never forgive him for turning into such a boring Adult.

On Friday his dream career finally appeared and off he went to work- starting at Level 4 thanks to his degree. He got promotions every day except one when a chance card took 2 logic skills off him and he stayed home the next day to gain them back. The energizer came in handy here, was finished off and deleted.

The following Thursday another Chance card came up, and Paloe earned a cool 50K for use of Amber. After work that day,

Paloe found himself top of his career! He'd now unlocked Natural Science and all it's restrictions, meaning he was free to eat Chef Salad... woopee doo (not gonna happen), make Snapdragons (will happen) and be able to buy and use a telescope. Well... at this point his bank balance was in the region of 122K, so he could afford to splash out. ;)

Reaching the top of his career meant he could finally marry Lucy, who'd only been by for a couple of visits since Paloe graduated and was starting to worry that Paloe had forgotten her,

But he hadn't... They were married right there on the grassy lawn the very next day (Friday of week 2). Hopelessness was now lifted and things were looking brighter. *lol*
Why do Sim Women always look taller than Sim Men?
random trivia there...

So here is Lucy Hurt, now Spacy. A Family Sim with a LTW to marry off 6 kids. She added 5K to the family funds.

She's Captain Hero and had 10 friends, 3 of whom were mutual friends with Paloe. She's a Cancer, 6 neat, 3 shy, 6 active, 4 serious and 6 Nice. Scattered skills, only 1 in cooking, but hey, you need none to serve Jello. :)
As Captain Hero she automatically lifted the Law Enforcement restrictions which are to have fire/burglar alarms, be able to have kids get jobs, and I'm sure there was more.... :)

Paloe and Lucy waste no time in getting their family started and in no time at all Lucy heard the chimes of love... or impending doom, disaster, forever financially broke... Oh wait.. that's real life. ;)

Tune in next time for Family life Spacy-Style.


Bubbs said...

HAHAHA! Loved it! :) Can't wait to see someone do this so I can debate with self about doing challenge. Right now I am waiting for the 'end rules'... Good Job :)

QueenofSimtopia said...

Very nice! I look forward to seeing how your strategy turns out!

ruby said...

Off to a smashing start! Lucky you, she is already TOC! Niiiiice!!!

tktrn99 said...

Great start...this is really interesting! Looks like you have really thought about the strategy. Looking forward to the new arrival!!

ASimWen said...

Hehehe Verrrrry interesting! :)

Simaholic said...

I don't think I'll personally try out this challenge but it is fun reading about how you are playing it! It does seem like you've started off pretty well.