Friday, October 06, 2006

Family Life- Moving On Up

Last time we saw the Spacy's they were makin' babies, and the proof is in the pudding as they say. Paloe can't keep his hands off Lucy and is always serenading, smooching her or talking to the baby.
Lucy had to quit her job, although she managed 2 whole shifts from the time she moved in.

Paloe knows that the only bath baby Simon is likely to see is this one, so he may as well make the most of it. Strange how Simon's eyes are wide open and yet he's got 3 z's coming out of his head.
Could be worse- could be 3 6's. ;)

The only way Paloe and Lucy can get their hygiene up is by Grooming each other. They've had an odd spongebath each but Grooming is quicker, and they seem to enjoy it. Lucy is once again expecting.

Another boy, Steve arrives and the upstairs is getting pretty crowded with cribs. Paloe and Lucy are about to make more babies, so look away now.

While Simon works out, Paloe once again is Serenading Lucy.. or talking to the baby... I can't keep up with his shananigans.
*side note- I know I bought the wrong stereo- I only noticed about 30 days too late- so shoot me*.

The Basement becomes the Boy's bedroom, but Paloe is happy to wander down and tuck in. Infact he's always tucking in, cuddling or throwing his babies in the air- drives me insane. Lucy spends most of her time pregnant and asleep. Thankfully the Snapdragon's aren't doing too bad a job at keeping the kids' hygiene levels up, although they aren't great.

Toddler Soren *baby no.3* moves out of the way to make room for new arrivals. TWINS! 2 girls, which is a nice change from all those boys, but OMG! Like the house is big enough?

Never fear... Paloe uses the space over the deck to build a teeny room to house yet another crib.

Steve joins Simon in childhood and Soren works on his logic. All kids have so far had one bottle of the smart milk that Paloe bought with him from Uni. Soren actually maxed his logic as a toddler, being completely serious helped I'm sure.

Simon becomes a Family teen and helps newly-transitioned-into-childhood brother Soren with his homework while Lucy (who's back in her pregnancy pj's) and Paloe teach the twins to walk.

3 beds in the basement, there's not room for much else besides a pc, which is just out of shot. BIG mistake putting it down here, I have to cancel each kid coming off the bus so they put their homework outside. Pause, Cancel, Pause Cancel.... zzzzzzzz

Paloe and Lucy don't seem too concerned about corrupting their youngsters with their outgoing affection, but it's nice that Paloe still finds his wife attractive I guess.

As Lucy goes into labour with baby no.6, a son Seth, Paloe thinks he's finally figured out what happens when you Woohoo.

He cottoned on quite late in life didn't he? but celebrated his Elderhood birthday... all by himself really.

The Twins grow to childhood and while they look very alike, their personalities are very different. Sadie is the more serious of the two, and maxes logic really quickly. Sarah would sooner play the piano- but she can't have one. mwhahahahaha

Paloe does the Maths and realises that he can't fit anything else into his tiny abode, and so builds upwards another floor which becomes the Twins bedroom.

It's so not funny have 4 sims trying to go upstairs at the same time, all whining and moaning and then 3 of them end up not going at all.
rant over. ;)

Simon got a job in the Military and celebrates his Overachievement by passing out on the pavement. He only had one chance card to deal with that gave him a cooking skill.

The minute I turn my back! Just because they now have 3 teens and 3 kids they think they can get away with it!

Steve finished his shift as a Gas Station Attendant and after a short peek through the telescope was whipped into the skies and beyond.

Only Paloe seems truly pleased that his son got abducted.

*apart from me, who whooped and cheered and nearly fell off my chair at the thought of having my thinking caps and energizers back*.

Steve returned to earth with a thud. He wasn't thrilled about his adventures being a Fortune Sim.

But used his newly unlocked restriction to suck a skill from his dad hoping for Creativity which he needed to get to the top of his Slacker career. He struck lucky!

He doesn't look thrilled does he? Steve also got one chance card which gave him a whopping 50 simoleon tip from the golf course from stingy Malcolm Landgraab.

He's the worst Fortune Sim I've ever had. Nothing makes him happy, well nothing I can do anyway. He has a want to go to college and a fear of being uneducated and they never seem to spin away. The Fear is a massive 10,000 aspiration drop.

Soren is a Knowledge Sim and is happily working his way through the Science teen track. One chance card was all he got and he earned 700 Simoleons from it.

Sadie and Sarah turn teens and are beginning to look uncannily alike. Sadie became a Knowledge Sim- she was going to be Popularity until she spun up the want to win the Alien Abduction scholarship, so I made her Knowledge instead.
She never won the scholarship.
Sarah is a Fortune Sim like her brother Steve. She had incessant wants to buy everything all through childhood.
Probably not so much Fortune as 'we haven't got sod-all in this house'.

Paloe goes off for his weekly shift, and is still looking pretty good!

Meanwhile the baby of the family Seth became a Teen and also a Family Sim. He got a job in the Business field where he took a chance card and was promptly fired from his job. So I guess Business is off the list for Seth. ;)

Simon is our first to make it to adulthood and grew up well, never fearing being uneducated. He was promoted to level 6 of Military, Flight Officer. He missed out on the career reward as he started too highly, but we don't care, we don't have room for it anyway.
His brother Steve at this point is in such a bad mood- red aspiration though no breakdown yet, and we hope Simon can hit the top of Military so Steve can go to college.

Simon wakes in the night and moans to himself about missing out on college life.
Tough cookies Simon!

The weekend sees Yoga day with Sadie, Sarah and Soren in action. Sarah's not so great yet and keeps flattening her face on the floor while Sadie maxes out.

Simon The Astronaut. Who'd have thought Astronauts only had to work a 7 hour day?
He's in Platinum, he's been meditating to stay that way before work and he finishes at 3pm. Steve is due to turn into an adult at 6pm...
fingers crossed everyone.

Whoop! Whoop! Simon came through and made our day! and Steve's! We'd got Steve to apply for scholarships earlier in the day and now he can finally go to College.

Here he goes... at least we'll get rid of the shorts.

Now that Simon's done his bit for his Family it's time to move on.

He gets a new place, new look and a car!
I decided he'd suffered enough and gave him all the mod cons in Simlife!

Soren will be going into Adulthood soon and he's not going to college, so we hope he doesn't have a breakdown about that.

We decided to send the Twins to college to join their brother Steve.
At first I wasn't fussed about unlocking Showbiz, but after all this time of horrid hair and clothes I can't take anymore so one of them will be a Drama major!

Meanwhile, back at the Spacy household.
Now that Simon has left and Steve, Sadie and Sarah are in college Lucy and Paloe felt the time was right to extend their family once again.
Suckers for punishment?
I think so... ;)
Join us next time where we have a blend of College and Homelife as the Spacy family progress further through the Challenge.


tktrn99 said...

Great update!! Babies everywhere..and looks like you managed to have everyone grow up well despite the restrictions!! Congrats on being able to start a 2nd house. Will there be another baby on the way??

ASimWen said...

Woah very interesting. :) Enjoyable read.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Good job! Holy lots of kids! I can't believe you are doing so well. Keep it up.

Simaholic said...

I was seriously holding my breath hoping that Simon would get his promotion so Steve could go to college, LOL. It is so interesting reading about this challenge.